YouTube creator and television enthusiast
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A longtime fanatic of the inner workings of television, my videos share my knowledge and offer insightful commentary on a broad spectrum of television topics.

Specializing in international content, kids' TV, and corporate strategy, my YouTube channel offers a range of videos spanning reviews, commentary, discussion, analysis and much more. Eager to explore every angle of television, from programming to executive decisions, scheduling to brand design, I've got quite an appetite to share interesting and intriguing stories from across the vast world of television.

Exploring the world of television
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Featured formats
Television commentary

Regular commentary analyzing the latest happenings in the television world, with particular focus on kids' and international television.

Series reviews

Comprehensive reviews of the latest programming, largely in kids' television. Spanning both animation and live-action series, added attention is paid to storytelling and creative development -- unique discussion not offered elsewhere.

Rebrand Review

Extensive looks at television brand design from around the world, giving branding the appreciation -- and examination -- it deserves. 

Two episodes to date, further episodes upcoming.

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