"I'm Benzie Johnson, Jr., I'm enthusiastic about television..."
about Benzie
An avid enthusiast and content creator, Benzie Johnson, Jr.'s lifelong passion for television has driven his creative ambitions.
Born and raised in Upstate New York, Benzie Johnson, Jr. is a rising content creator, having created over one hundred videos exploring the vast world of television over the past three years. Despite the challenges of living on the autism spectrum, he has found continuing success sharing his lifelong interest in learning about everything television has to offer with his growing audience. Editorially, Benzie places a greater emphasis on subjects such as strategic analysis, storytelling, and creative execution, which gives his content a unique point of difference compared to other YouTubers who discuss television.
When he's not watching television or diving into its many idiosyncracies, Benzie is also a self-proclaimed junkie for modern pop and dance music, radio presenter at a college radio station and an occasional graphic designer. He is currently working towards a college degree in Media Production to further his learning and understanding of the field.